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Introduction to UAE-KOREA Technology Exchange Program

2023 UAE-Korea Technology Exchange Program is held to promote Korean companies’ entry into UAE market and technology transfer* by exporting Korean technologies to local companies through G2G cooperation and to enhance the cooperation between two countries.

* Types of technology transfer: Licensing, joint ventures, OEM and facility transfer

Global technology exchange program is as a G2G program between the Korean government and Overseas government and supported by Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Republic of Korea and operated by KOSME (Korea SMEs and Startups Agency), INNOBIZ (Innovation Business Association) and TIPA (Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs). 

In 2022, 291 Korean companies and 1,177 Foreign companies from 20 countries participated this program through 34 B2B meetings and have achieved 37 contract cases. 

Companies who are keen to participate in this project can utilize the Online Technology Exchange Platform(G-TEP). This online platform provides an easy way for Korean and foreign companies to communicate and pursue technology transfer or adoption. G-TEP offers a convenient virtual space for companies to register and manage their technologies, search for potential partners, and apply for the global technology exchange program. As of the end of 2022, there were 1,695 technologies registered on the platform.

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